Company History

Diversion AGT and Sons, Inc. is a real estate developer in Iloilo City dedicated to developing residential communities with the benefits of nature seamlessly integrated into the design.  It is developing its brand name DBC Homes.


To build thriving communities where health and wellness is a Way of Life.


By developing environmentally friendly communities, we strive to inculcate the benefits of Mother Nature to better the lives of our customers.

Core Values

  1. Maintain Customer Focus
  2. Nurture the Environment
  3. Pursue Quality Workmanship
  4. Commit to Integrity
  1. Create Innovation
  2. Assure Cost Consciousness
  3. Foster Teamwork

What We Do

DBC Homes is developing sustainable and environmentally conscious real estate projects that harmonize with nature. We strive to create homes and communities that promote quality of life and inspire others to adapt to an eco-friendly and sustainable living.

Business Competitiveness

DBC Homes differentiates itself in the market by its unwavering commitment to build thriving communities. By delivering exceptional quality and innovative concepts, we aim to remain competitive and sought-after by home buyers who prefer sustainable community and healthy lifestyle.

Quality Policies

DBC Homes adheres to the strictest standards set by its management and the local government such as building codes, safety guidelines, structural integrity requirements, environmental regulations and industry standards.

The people behind DBC Homes


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