Any Filipino citizen of legal age, can present proof of income, and is willing to undergo a pre-qualification process.

Reservation fee is non-refundable but it is counted as part of the down payment.  

The 1st down payment is scheduled 30 days from the date of reservation.  

The down payment can be promptly paid in cash (referred to as spot down payment), or opt for monthly installments, which vary based on the specified term set by the Developer. For instance, a 21-month equity payment.

DBC Homes provides several payment alternatives, including Spot Cash, Deferred Cash, as well as financing options through Pag-IBIG and banks for the loan balance.

Currently, this option is not available. We ask for post-dated checks covering the downpayment period. For instance, if 21 months of equity are required, you would need to provide 21 post-dated checks. For more information and assistance, you may reach out to our sales and marketing and account servicing team.

Certainly. Interested buyers who are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) or residing abroad can assign a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) to a trusted representative who will be authorized to conduct transactions with DBC Homes on their behalf.

Yes, we will assist our clients during the loan application process. Clients just need to provide all essential documentation to authorized DBC Homes personnel within the allocated timeframe to facilitate the loan processing.

Under regular conditions, house construction takes about (8) eight to (12) twelve months.

We recognize the importance of house inspections, and these typically occur during the turnover of unit.  While visiting during construction is discouraged due to safety reasons, this may still be permitted upon request subject to approval.

Your attorney-in-fact or any authorized representative can sign the turnover documents for you, provided they have a notarized or consularized Special Power of Attorney. Additionally, they must present two (2) valid identification cards for verification.

For Electric and water connection, the buyer must apply to the local service provider and cover the associated fees.

For Electric and water connection, the buyer must apply to the local service provider and cover the associated fees.

Homeowners are responsible for paying the Real Estate Property Tax and Homeowners’ Association (HOA) dues. These dues are essential for maintaining the subdivision’s amenities, common spaces, and services.

Certainly. To virtually view the property or arrange a virtual tour, you can use our Book a site visit platform to select a date and time that suits you. Our sales and marketing team will then contact you to confirm the scheduled online viewing.